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red-ant measurement technologies and services
red-ant measurement technologies and services

We are happy to share our expertise with you. At the end of the day you are the one who will be working with the red-ant system on a daily basis, and you’re the one who should know the entire added value of the measuring equipment. Our passion for perfection also comes into play during our training courses. We teach you in simple, easy-to-understand terms about the performance that our systems offer, and we will be happy to show you one or two tricks. Our employees speak your language: the terms used by construction specialists, mechanical engineers, quality control personnel and test stand operators are part of our vocabulary. Training courses are held at red-ant by employees who work at customer locations with our systems each day. This means you can make your work faster, more efficient and more effective than ever with red-ant systems.

red-ant training:

  • User training on-location
  • Competent training staff
  • Easy-to-understand documents
  • Workshops to reinforce content
  • Treatment of customer-specific topics
  • Training certificates awarded


Would you like to train your team, and you’re interested in our training services? Contact us and we will be happy to put together a proposal customized for your system environment.

Training content for MIG16 AQA systems:

red-ant measurement technologies and services
red-ant measurement technologies and services

1. Structure-borne noise analysis for the detection of assembly errors
Key question: how does the diagnosis ‘Pass’ / ‘Fail’ get made?

2. Overview & basic understanding of the total system
Objective: participants get to know the complete system solution MIG16 AQS in operation, learn to understand it, and perform standard tasks.

3. Basic training: reporting
Key questions: what reports are there? How do I create a report?

4. Expert training: data evaluation
Key question: what data evaluation options are available?

5. Expert training: parameterization of MIG16 AQS
Objective: ability to correctly paramaterize MIG16 AQS
Example: setting limit values, adding a new type

6. Maintenance & troubleshooting
Objective: to enable the technical support of the MIG16 AQS measurement system