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red-ant measurement technologies and services
red-ant measurement technologies and services

Do you have a new measuring task, but you lack the personnel, know-how or suitable measuring technology? Then get on board with us. Our renowned passion for perfection flows into each of our tasks during order measurement.

Scope of services for commissioned measurements:

  • Joint formulation of measurement tasks and objectives
  • Provision of measurement technology, incl. high-quality red-ant hardware and software
  • Rental of measurement environments
  • Test setup – suitable sensor positions – validation of all measurement variables
  • Execution of the measurement series, incl. plausibility check
  • Interpretation and evaluation of measurement results
  • Presentation and discussion

When interpreting and evaulating the measurement results, we translate the data into results that are easily understood for all project participants. The documentation is clear, yet comprehensive and precise, in the form of a report or presentation. If required, we can also provide all recorded measurement data and intermediate results as data carriers.


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Knowledge transfer

We are happy to share our in-depth expertise with you. We can involve your employeees responsible in the order measurement, or you make use of our extensive customer-specific training services.