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Competent, made-to-measure services.

By choosing red-ant products you have not only decided to use top-quality control systems, you also get what has made us famous: our unique user support. At red-ant, you are in contact with real experts who know what you, the user of our systems, need in critical situations - namely clear answers and solutions that can be implemented for your task in hand. That is our specialty.

Our services

We offer three service packages that allow us to be able to offer you service that is tailored to your needs and the available budget. Choose the package which best fits your needs, and you can combine it with additional services such as telephone or personal on-location support.

When you buy a red-ant product for early failure detection or quality assurance a service package is also offered. You can find detail in the respective product description:

MIG16 SFE - Recognizing failures at an early stage
MIG16 AQS - Quality assurance

An overview of our service packages

0) Telephone support from  Monday - Friday. On Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and Week52/Week1 no telephone support is possible.

1) Remote diagnose per Internet
red-ant-Support crew are using the Internet or Telephone line to establish a safe VPN con-nection to the measurement system. User and red-ant crew can share Keyboard and Monitor and use the System together. Questions from the user can be answered directly on the measurement system. This ensures fast reactions and an optimal knowledge transfer. red-ant is supporting all major remote desktop sharing tools  (NetViewer, TeamViewer, VNC, PC-Anywhere, NetMeeting etc.)

2) Expert-Session
Support for all different kinds of questions about the use of the measurement syste
SFE: Customer specific adaption and requests are processed by a NVH-Engineer. Examples: Programming of CustomVIs for special use cases; signal check, preparation of a new test run; preparation of final result reports; detailed analysis of test data.
AQS: Customer specific adaptions, like: Changes in the test procedure; changes in re-ports; adding new test types; detailed analysis of test results.

3) System maintenance
On-site support: Check-up of hard- and software of the measurement system to ensure failure free continuous duty; calibration of sensors and hardware; general maintenance.

4) Access to delveloper support: In case of technical related problems, the customer has the alternative to communicate directly with the developer at red-ant. This procedure ensures a quick help.

Standard-Package: 5%
Premium-Package: 12%
Flatrate: 30%
24hr Hardware replacement service 2%
the percentage relates to the contract value of the measurement system costs (hardware and software, including sensors, excluding services such as commissioning, customer-specific adjustments and discounts) 

Terms and Conditions:
The duration of the support contract is basically a calendar year (1.1.xx-31.12.xx). It will be automatically extended for one year when red-ant has not received a note of cancella-tion at 31.10 of the contract year. red-ant will invoice in November the cost of the support contract for the following year. If the support contract is started within one calendar year, only the remaining days to the end of the year are invoiced.
For 24 hour replacement service specification  see document : "Description 24h hardware replacement Service.pdf"

Customers' opinions of red-ant's service

"The evaluation and your comments on the measurement letter are excellent - top support, we are very happy." - Erich J., test engineer ZF Passau

"Excellent support via telephone and netviewer.“ - Gernot G., Engine components engineer Magna Powertrain, Austria

Additional customer opinions

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