Every new task is an individual challenge.

Experience meets passion

We primarily see ourselves as experts in all questions concerning vibration measurement technology. As a specialist, we have not only excellent expertise with regard to all of the top technologies, but we can be characterized by our passion for perfection. This combination governs our thoughts and our actions; however, it is documented most clearly in our products. Our range of products and services goes far beyond traditional vibration monitors. We understand your mechanical applications, and we can offer you just the right measurement technology. No more, no less. Guaranteed!
We regard every task as being an individual challenge, where we have to define the optimum system solution; a system solution that is precisely tailored to the customer's specific requirements and which meets both your and our quality requirements without any compromise.


Quality without Exception

There is a solution for every problem. We just have to ask intelligent questions. We think the doable and do the thinkable. We believe in quality and we believe that we are not the only ones.

pioneering spirit. passion. perfection.