About us

Where we are from and what propels us forward.

Our history

At the start of 2004, the engineering graduates Michael Ruthrof (mechanical engineering) and Oliver Thost (electro technology) established the company red-ant. The first project was started with the assurance of many years of experience in vibration analysis, the vision of a new generation of innovative measurement systems and a handful of select software and hardware developers. The success of this project soon proves that the young entrepreneurs are right: the first product, duck 16, is ready for series production is launched on the market that very same year. A mobile version of this measurement system was launched shortly afterwards in 2005. One year later, MIG16 SFE and MIG16 AQS allow the company to reach two milestones that still make a crucial contribution to red-ant's success.  2007 marked the start of independent sales in the US market. Having grown out of the cradle of a start-up company, red-ant left the umbrella of the Munich Technology Centre in 2008, and now it operates from its own offices in Taunusstr. The company has been supported by sales offices in Mexico and China (Peking Changchun, Suzhou) since the end of 2008. The course that the company has elected to follow is correct. Proof for this are more than 80 satisfied customers, which met red-ant at events including trade fairs in Stuttgart, Detroit (USA) and Shanghai (China). In total, we have now sold more than 120 measurement systems and rented more than 200.


Our Inspiration: The next generation of vibration measurement

Everything started with the vision of the next generation of innovative measurement systems. This was our incentive to form a company. In so doing, we dedicated ourselves to developing intelligent, yet easy-to-use measurement systems to analyse vibrations. In addition, that forms our foundations. However, we are characterized by what goes beyond that: we aim for perfection, which, at the end of the day, is reflected in all of red-ant's products.

Our solutions

  • Measurement technology system solutions and equipment for the special area of vibration analysis (investment goods)
  • Primary areas of application: engineering
    - R&D: monitoring endurance testing for prototype testing
    - Production: quality assurance


Our competences

  • In-depth expertise for vibration analysis:
engines, gears, axles, bearings, material testing …
  • Measurement technology experts focusing on application cases
  • Commissioned vibration technology measurements (system rent)
  • Working out acoustic test concepts
  • Developing new methods for vibration analysis
  • Customer-specific projects