Commissioned measurements

Tell us what you want to measure - we'll do the rest.

We are also happy to do the measurement work ourselves for customers who have new measurement tasks but who do not have the requisite personnel, expertise, or suitable measurement technology.

Our renowned, passion of perfection is reflected in all of our work: from formulating the measurement task to setting the goals, we work closely together with the project’s owner. Subsequently, we usually continue working on our own.

  • Provision of measurement technology
  • Test structure
  • Suitable sensor positions
  • Validation of all measurement factors
  • Conducting measurement series
  • Feasibility check


As an alternative, it is possible to perform these activities together with your specialist, to thus allow an in-depth exchange of expertise.

The measurement results are then interpreted and evaluated. In so doing, we translate the technical measurement statements into results that can be understood by everyone involved in the project. Documentation is transparent and yet all-encompassing and precise in report or presentation form. If required we also provide all of the measurement data and interim results recorded on a data storage device.
We complete processing of your order-based measurement with a presentation of the results to the group of project owners. We also include our expertise in your discussions concerning activities and alternative courses of action.

Because we know: at the end of the day, the only thing that matters for your highly sensitive work is concrete results and solutions that can be implemented and nothing else.

Scope of services for commissioned measurements

  • Provision of high-quality red-ant hardware and software
  • Renting measurement environments
  • Dialog with third parties
  • Transmission of meansurement data in desired format
  • Comprehensive documentation and presentation 

Enquiries for commissioned measurement

Do you want to commission a measurement job? Just contact us; we would be happy to assist you:

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